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Degust&Co is the first platform for listing and booking of tastings. We list oenology courses, whiskey tastings, rum tastings, tea & coffee tastings, olive oil tastings, and even tastings of insects: there's something for everyone on ! By guiding individuals directly towards experienced tasting hosts, Degust&Co offers a solution that benefits everybody. We list tasting host and their upcoming events. We can plan your dream tasting that is 100% tailor-made ! Our users can find and book their preferred tastings all over France! Each of our tasting host has been selected by their professionalism, excellence and the high-quality service that they offer. All our partners are committed to respect the Charter of Partnership Degust&Co. Charter of Partnership Degust&Co.

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Out there are people looking for tasting workshops and events but they simply don't know where to find you! Thanks to, they can search for hosts and events which are close to them and discover your profile, offers and finally book the tasting online. Also, your personal profile on our website allows you to improve the online visibility and natural referencing without paying extra ( listing is free).

Simplify your management

Our users will reserve their place and pay online for your events. Everything is automated with a guaranteed transaction security. No more last minute cancellations or payment delays as our team handles everything via!

Improve your communication on internet

Degust&Co will do it for you! Our team is managing everything what comes to communication: e-mail campaigns, social media and the press presence, we practice a retention policy for all of our partners.

We are always available for you

Becoming our partner is free, simple and doesn't engage you for anything! However, we wish to build a long-lasting relationship that is based on trust as stated in our Partnership Charter. Our team is here daily to help you with all your inquiries.

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Who are you? Where do you come from? How you became a tasting expert?
When was your dream tasting? What was the context, when was it and why the product tasted so incredible and memorable?
Reveal us your little secret! For example: "Always taste the wine at the right temperature to enjoy it the most", "Don't be afraid to discover new tastes" or "Tasting is never too serious".
Tell us what you offer for groups who wish to have home-based tastings (or at:hotel, party venue, company etc..). What do you do? What is your specialty? In short, what makes your tastings unique? For example, "I consider the best tastings to be hosted in a friendly atmosphere when everyone is having a good time while enjoying good products! This why I propose ..."


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